Organic Winter Skin Care

A guide to skin care during winter, where you will be guided to create your own personalised lotion bar and herbal cream.

Presented by the Hedgewitch Kitchen

Saturday 15th December 13:00 – 15:00


Don’t we all feel the hard, cold winters and how they affect so many parts of our body. The skin, the biggest organ of our body is what really gets the short end of the stick in this season. All it really craves is summer breezes, the soft caress of sunny days, less restrictive clothing and the feeling of diving deep into a warm lake. But instead we must deal with icy winds, dry heating, our skin being restricted from breathing by clothing… and let’s not forget Berlin’s hard water which doesn’t help either. These factors affect our skin by drying it out, causing skin to crack, itch, form rashes, sting, and flake. As our biggest organ and the first barrier for our bodies against the outside world, it is essential to treat it with love and affection by feeding it with only the best food possible. That is, self-made organic skin products.


In this workshop we will be making two wonderful products: a lotion bar and herbal cream. To create these products, I will show you how to make an herbal infused oil which is the base of both of these products.

Lotion bars serve to keep dry cracks on feet and hands at bay by allowing oils to sink easily into these dry areas.

Self-made creams are not only easy and exciting to make, but you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is going into it.

Just like making your own food to feed your body, making your own personal-care products allow you to further care for and nourish your body. There is something magical, healing and extremely satisficing about using a product which you yourself have created. Your skin will thank you for it!

The lotion bar and herbal cream can be used as Christmas gift for others (or even better, yourself).

Salve WS

Location: Hedgewitch Kitchen Salon, Friedelstraße, Neukölln

Date and time: Saturday 15th December 13:00 – 15:00

Fee: 35€

Registration: Advanced registration is required due to limited places and will be completed after full payment is made. It is also possible to register a place for a friend as a gift. Contact:

Cancelation: Spots are fully transferable if you cannot make it, if you have someone else to take your spot this is not a problem. I will also try to fill it, but if this is not possible only half of the fee will be refunded.

About the teacher: Tash is a medicinal herbalist, cook, artist and co-creator of AvantGarden a creative collective which brings herbs, food and art together through herbal workshops, intuitive cooking classes, interactive food/herb art projects and exhibitions.
The Hedgewitch Kitchen is a project created by Tash involving workshops in creating and learning about herbs, how to create your own herbal products, and using food as medicine.


Peaceful Portugal

Header algave

Algarve, remote amongst the orange trees. The quiet, still feeling one has in the openness of remote places. No distractions, expectations and no internet. Freedom to just be and breath. The figs forming, cactus flowers in full bloom, wild herbs under stone fruit trees and along paths running down to beaches with long open stretches of sand beautifully scattered with shells, covered by deep blues skies lapped and licked by the cold Atlantic ocean and caressed from the hot sunshine and gentle welcoming breeze. Small Mediterranean towns looking all so similar, but feeling all so different. Starry clear nights with trees dancing in the wind. Recession. Struggling to survive, rugged dry countryside, but within that environment a feeling of easiness, slowness, peacefulness, quietness. The languages and people so foreign and at the same time the environment so familiar. These were the impressions of my first taste of Portugal.

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Intima Medicinal Herbs

A two-part series of workshops
Presented by the Hedgewitch Kitchen

Sunday 28th October + Saturday 1st December


Getting intimate with herbs involving drawing them close to us and becoming its ally. Understanding it, learning from it, being in awe of it and respecting it. We will be exploring the medicinal qualities and uses of herbs through learning and personal experiences. We are the students and the plants are our teachers. They have a lot to say and a lot to teach us. We just need to know how to learn, to listen. Using all our senses we will hear the whispering of the herbs calling to us, telling us what is to be done.

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Dandelions: a little bundle of joy

danelion clare garden

Photo by Clare Holohan; I wrote this post for West Highland Herbal Facebook. A truly amazing, very talented herbalist in Scotland, who I had the pleasure of learning and working with and was first seen at;
Her website;

Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion), a yellow flowering plant almost impossible to miss when it crosses your path, bringing a smile to your face with its bright sunny flowers and toothy looking leaves. This plant is full of courage and enthusiasm growing virtually anywhere and everywhere. It will pop up in  manicured lawns, poke through stone walls, creep up in garden beds and push through cracks in concrete.

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Back to the Roots


Food in its appreciation is intrinsically personal, yet in our modern age we are assaulted with a myriad of choices which blinds us to a simple appreciation of taste. Natural, synthetic, organic, premade, handmade, fast-food, slow-cooked, at a table, or while reading a book? Where has the simple pleasure of savouring food in its simple splendour gone?

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